Cristiano Pacheco Environmental Consulting is focused on projects feasibility, environmental licences, supply chain regulation and sustainability projects involving three aspects: economic, social and environment.

With a multidisciplinary team composed of experienced biologists, oceanographers, chemical engineers, architects and lawyers, develops innovative concept seeking add new standards and solidify existing processes. Services are guided by holistic view, rational use of natural resources and environmental quality for current and next generations.

As a competitive advantage the consulting services focus on technic solutions, regulatory consulting and adequacy of environmental conducts. The new consumers who seek excellence in products and prioritize commited companies engaged with good practices and responsibility in the social and environment makes it imperative to prepare to new consumption and market standards.


Areas of performance:


Energy and infrastrucure

– Regulatory consulting and environmental licences for mining, port, shipbuilding industry and oil;

– Legal and technical support, monitoring for clean energy projects (wind and solar);


Rural production

Multidisciplinary team and experienced technicians for regulatory consulting at all levels on supply chain, contracts and notary public registrations, Environmental Payment Services (PSAs), environmental commodities, administrative and legal defenses, environmental conflict mediation, legal agreements, monitoring and representation with government and environmental agencies in any region of Brazil;



– Preventive and regulatory consulting;

– Studies and opinions, legal strategy;

– Consulting for sustainability projects,  supply chain, environmental legal responsability, studies and projects for public and private financial institutions;

– Mitigation and compensation projects;

– Mediation of environmental conflicts;

– Conduct Adjustment Term (TACs);

– Representation with public bodies and the Department of Public Prosecution;

– Advisory in Environmental Licensing (Advanced, Installation and Operation Licenses);

– Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) and Environmental Impact Report (EIR) – Estudo de Impacto Ambiental;

– Communication strategies and crisis management;



Sustainable Architecture

Cristiano Pacheco Environmental Consulting Ltda and Felipe Pacheco Architects develop projects that include:

– Regulatory environmental consulting and advice for feasibility studies;

– Management of all steps regarding environmemntal licensing (EIA/RIMA);

– infraestructure and sustanability;

– Energy efficiency.


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